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Developed by: 
Théo Lartigau
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Browser extension that saves ChatGPT discussions to Notion.

ChatGPT is currently free to use, just like the ChatGPT to Notion integration.

Supported browsers

Google Chrome, Brave, Microsoft Edge, Opera and Vivaldi Browser

How it works

1) Click here to sign up for ChatGPT in case you don't have an account yet.

2) Write a prompt, such as: what color is a banana?

3) Click on the pin icon under each of its answers to save that specific answer. If you prefer to save the whole discussion, you can do so from the extension popup.

What is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is a revolutionairy chatbot launched by OpenAI in November 2022. The GPT-3 family of big language models from OpenAI is the foundation upon which it is built, and it is tweaked using both supervised and reinforcement learning methods.

On November 30, 2022, ChatGPT was introduced as a prototype. It quickly gained popularity because of it's very intelligent responses in a lot of different areas, such as history, business and programming.

ChatGPT has reached 1 million users within 5 days, this is crazy, especially when you compare it to other applications like Spotify (5 months) and Netflix (3.5 years).

ChatGPTs knowledge is based on data before 2021 and is not always accurate. Do not assume ChatGPTs answers are factual information.

Is ChatGPT safe to use?

Yes, ChatGPT is safe to use, but it might generate weird or harmful answers.

OpenAI, the creator of the chatbot, is an AI research and deployment company led by Sam Altman and co-founded by Elon Musk.

What can you use ChatGPT for?

Some of it's use cases are:

  • Summarizing text
  • Rephrasing text
  • Generating ideas (useful for brainstorming sessions)
  • Writing code
  • Whatever comes to your mind! 

Tips for generating higher quality answers

  • Be as specific as possible by providing a lot of context
  • Add parameters, such as summarize in 50 words or rewrite this text as if your were Steve Jobs
  • ChatGPT can use it's last output and your new input. So if it generates a text for you, you can say things like: rephrase it in a happier way

Open Source

The code of this integration is publicly available on Github


For security & practical reasons, some data such as your Notion user id and the key that allows us to communicate with your notion workspace (not your credentials, that no one except you has access to) are stored remotely instead of locally where they could be easily compromised. The code for this is open source and can be found on GitHub. Your data is never shared with any 3rd party.


Demo video

Developed by

Théo Lartigau

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are the integrations safe to use?

All integrations are checked by the admins of this marketplace. Although we try our best to keep this marketplace as safe as possible, we can't guarantee 100% safety, since all systems can be hacked. To prevent any problems, please carefully select the pages you give an integration access to, since those pages will be the only pages it can see and modify.

I have a feature request for this integration, what should I do?

That's amazing! Feel free to send the developer of this application an email. You can find their contact details on the integration page.

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