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Add extension to Notion
Add extension to Notion
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Turn Notion into a website bug tracker

Collect bug reports with screenshots, annotations & technical meta-data, directly into your Notion databases.

See a bug? -> Click, annotate, send.

Report issues on your website directly into Notion with our feedback widget.


Make the widget your own with custom color and branding.

Website annotations

Get your point across with visual annotation and a high-fidelity screen capture.

Easy install

The widget is optimized for responsive websites and all modern browsers.

Environment data

Browser, OS, webpage and screen size are automatically added to your issues, without reporters having to do anything.

Javascript SDK

Take control of the widget via JavaScript SDK and pass custom metadata about your users or technical environment.

Automatic status-sync

Notify guests automatically when your developer closes an issue in Notion.


Session replay

Rewind and watch what clients did before submitting feedback

Console recording

Client-side errors and logs in the console are automatically recorded and added to your issues

Client communication in Notion

Keep client communication organised and stop sending client emails. All communication will be synced back into your Notion issues

Demo video

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Helpcenter: https://help.marker.io/en/

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are the integrations safe to use?

All integrations are checked by the admins of this marketplace. Although we try our best to keep this marketplace as safe as possible, we can't guarantee 100% safety, since all systems can be hacked. To prevent any problems, please carefully select the pages you give an integration access to, since those pages will be the only pages it can see and modify.

I have a feature request for this integration, what should I do?

That's amazing! Feel free to send the developer of this application an email. You can find their contact details on the integration page.

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