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Notion Boost
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Add extension to Notion
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This is a browser extension. We support Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge and Brave

Make Notion more productive and less distractive. Notion Boost is a lightweight extension to add extra features and tweaks to Notion:

✔️ Show sticky outline (table of contents) for pages that have headings or sub-headings.

✔️ Set full width for all pages by default.

✔️ Set small text for all pages by default.

✔️ Add 'Scroll to top' button.

✔️ Show full text in table cells on mouse hover.

✔️ Close slash command menu '/' by pressing space key.

✔️ Don't show slash command menu when pressing '/'.

✔️ Hide floating help button for all pages.

✔️ Align document images to left instead of center.

✔️ Show line numbers for code blocks.

✔️ Enable spellcheck inside code blocks.

✔️ Don't show popup menu when pasting external links.

✔️ Hide red notification icon from sidebar.

✔️ Add more height to page by hiding top padding, image cover, & icon

✔️ Make bold text bolder when using Notion in dark mode.

✔️ Truly hide 'Hidden columns' in Kanban board view.

✔️ Hide comments section from all pages.

✔️ Hide backlinks section from all pages.

✔️ Open full pages instead of preview.

✔️ Narrow spacing between list items.

✔️ Add indentation lines to lists.

✔️ Make Rollup URLs clickable.

✔️ Add frame to images.

✔️ Hide placeholder: Type '/' for commands.


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Notion Boost

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