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Add extension to Notion
Add extension to Notion
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Notion widgets to help you see who views your Notion pages, when they do it, and more.

How often are your pages viewed?

See which pages users visit the most and the least, and how often. Easily understand what is useful and what is not, with Notionlytics.

Where are your users located?

Learn from which locations your most engaged users come from.

What's your most engaging content?

Identify pages that catch the eye the most and double down on the engaging content with Notionlytics.

Sharing your Notion pages on the Internet?

Connect and send your data to world-known analytics platforms like Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel for further targeting.

Advertise & Grow

Exceptionally helpful for those using public pages in Notion.

Build your custom audience with Facebook Pixel and reach new people who are likely to engage with your content.

This is how it works

After creating an account you'll make 3 simple steps to complete the setup.

1) Configure Notionlytics workspace

You'll create a virtual space for your analytics data. Then, you'll connect it to the data storage and to your Notion workspace.

2) Install trackers onto Notion pages

After finishing the setup, you'll select those Notion pages you want the trackers to be installed on. Notionlytics will provide you with unique widgets that will be placed on the pages.

3) Explore the collected data

This is the last step. After installation is done and trackers are activated, you'll start receiving data. All the data you collect becomes available on your Notionlytics dashboard within 24 hours.


Time periods

Switch between different time periods to identify the trends, up to 6 months into the past

Several types of reports

Dive into your data with a variety of reports to build an objective opinion based on diverse data

Adjustable precision

Change between daily and weekly aggregation to explore data at the most granular level

Demo video

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Help center: https://help.notionlytics.com/

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are the integrations safe to use?

All integrations are checked by the admins of this marketplace. Although we try our best to keep this marketplace as safe as possible, we can't guarantee 100% safety, since all systems can be hacked. To prevent any problems, please carefully select the pages you give an integration access to, since those pages will be the only pages it can see and modify.

I have a feature request for this integration, what should I do?

That's amazing! Feel free to send the developer of this application an email. You can find their contact details on the integration page.

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