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Add extension to Notion
Add extension to Notion
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Crafted by diligent wizards with skillful hands to heal your procrastination!

Whether you're a busy professional, student, or independent contractor, Potion offers what you need to succeed.

To organize tasks, measure project time, and record Pomodoro sessions, Potion integrates with Notion.

Tracking progress with insight
Get all the information you need to enhance your productivity and accomplish your goals by seeing exactly how you are spending your time.

Timer without interruptions
Distractions have the potential to seriously harm productivity. Set a timer for a certain task and finish it without any interruptions.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Are the integrations safe to use?

All integrations are checked by the admins of this marketplace. Although we try our best to keep this marketplace as safe as possible, we can't guarantee 100% safety, since all systems can be hacked. To prevent any problems, please carefully select the pages you give an integration access to, since those pages will be the only pages it can see and modify.

I have a feature request for this integration, what should I do?

That's amazing! Feel free to send the developer of this application an email. You can find their contact details on the integration page.

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